100% natural protective filler for storing and transporting


 absorbency cushioning

Vermit is absorbent, neutral material very light

Due to its characteristics it is suitable for protecting sensitive (fragile) items for storage and transport by road, air and shipping.


  • For the protection of objects and liquids in the package.
  • For the transport of dangerous substances and liquids.
  • For storage of hazardous materials and liquids.
  • For the storage of vegetables, seedlings and fruits in boxes.

For the remaining possibilities of use please contact your dealer or manufacturer. Send us your question.

Instructions for use

Easy to use; pour Absorb-V around the object that you want to protect.

Absorb-V-Vermiculite is inert and fire resistant material, certified for use in the storage and transport of hazardous substances in accordance with the “Un dangerous goods regulation” (IATA,UPS, Fedex, ICAO, IMO, ADR/ SDR...).


Shelf life is unlimited if stored properly. It is recyclable and safe to use.


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